Fundamental Science and Major Courses

Energy Science and Engineering is a multidisciplinary science that encompasses a multitude of fields and subjects. All the beginning students take a wide range of basic science courses. Needless to say, however, no one can be at the cutting edge of every field. Accordingly, each student will have her or his own pivotal field. Our Department provides the beginning students with preparatory course subjects and practice experiences in order for them to study the forefront of the present-day energy and environmental issues.

This system helps those students, who cannot decide their own major course at the entrance stage, to choose the field with a broad vision and with his/her own initiative. For advanced students, there are three courses, Applied Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Materials Science, and Energy Engineering, so that the students can learn more readily their own pivotal subjects. In contrast to the professional education courses in many other departments, our education system is organized around these three flexibly courses.