What is Department of Energy Science and Engineering?

Aiming at Solving Energy and Environmental Problems

In modern societies, we live a comfortable life, consuming enormous amount of energy, only with consequent critical problems concerning energy and environment such as carbon dioxide emission and discharge of poisonous substances at a global scale. Solving such problems requires the development of safe and clean energy sources, efficient energy utilization, and materials research related to new energy systems. Since a wide range of fundamental studies and technological innovations are vital to solving these problems, Energy Science and Engineering is regarded as a multidisciplinary science. In our Department, the students are trained to be familiar with a broad range of fields that cover engineering, science, and environmental science to be engineers/researchers who will be able to contribute to resolving energy and environmental problems.

Nurturing Creative Engineers / Researchers

As one of the new attempts in our Faculty, our Department provides the students with fundamental interdisciplinary science education that transcends the conventional specialties such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Such a transdisciplinary education will help the students to be engineers/researchers with a broad perspective and ability to create new ideas and technologies.